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My life on the queerest road a man can find …

My life on the queerest road a man can find …

So, you found my blog.

It’s not quite ready yet. But soon.

Say, first day of 2016?

I’m throwing back the veil, gonna tell my tale. This is going to be a balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred, unapologetic look at what it’s like to grow up queer. Not just gay, not just homosexual, but looking at life through a solidly queer lens – warts and all, from my earliest childhood memories forward.

What would make this different from any other gay man out there? Well, we all have our own journey. Mine just took a very colorful and diverse road to get where I am today.

I plan on exploring not just my personal story, but the culture around me at the time I lived it, how it influenced me, how I connected or didn’t connect with it. I don’t plan on answering any questions of why I did what I did, but rather, just simply tell the tale of where I’ve been, why I made (sometimes epically stupid) the choices I made and the outcomes from them.

Strap yourselves in, kids. It’s about to get a bit bumpy as I meander the over fifty years I’ve wandered the planet trying to find my place in it. I have to say, I am excited as I am fucking scared out of my mind doing this. We’ll see if I’ve got the courage that I think I do to pull this off.

I am calling this blog site Violet Quill Redux, because it is my humble homage to other queer men, authors whose words quite literally saved me. This is my attempt to record yet another gay man’s voice, a voice of color, an unapologetic voice – defiantly staring myself down in the mirror. I want to be as brave as those authors before me who wrote about our lives as we are.

Masters of prose like Gordon Merrick, John Rechy, Felice Picano, Andrew Holleran, Paul Monette, Armistead Maupin and others – all the way back to Langston Hughes, EM Forster and Oscar Wilde. My brilliant, brave, queer brothers. Their words warm my heart and feed my soul to this very day. I want to add my voice to theirs. A record of one boy’s journey into manhood – albeit with a decidedly queer slant.

A truly contrarian life.

Let’s see what happens next …


SA Collins

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